Romania dating marrige gallereis

She speaks perfect English so sending her a card in English is no problem. I think that it would be good to send her a message in Romanian, to show that you care, and that you are willing to make an effort and speak her language. If you prefer to keep it private, just write me a message by using the contact form All our services are for free, so there is no need to pay.But then it thought it might be nice if i mix English and a few of your phrases, or just translate the entire card into Romanian so the card is special for her. We may not deliver the translation within an hour, it might takes us 2-3 days to translate. Sunt fermecat de corpul tău, de firea ta și de sufletul tău" The above is a translation but at the same time it's an adaptation, because the exact translation would sound a bit unnatural in Romanian.Would anyone be able to help and translate the following to English please Inger frumos si cald ce mi te'ai aratat in cale, ramai la fel de frumos si de curat.

The most usual translation is: "Te voi iubi mereu" which literally means " I will love you frequently / all the time".A bit stronger and maybe this is what you are looking for is "Te voi iubi întotdeauna" which means "I will always / forever love you" We do not have as a short term plan to translate the site in Russian, however if you have particular questions, you can write them directly in Russian, and you will get the answer in Russian.One day we will translate the whole site in Russian as well, but I'm afraid it will take some time.However the two are not completely interchangeable, in some expressions only one or another can be used. I hope to get all changes to build a wonderful future with this Romanian woman... But surprisingly, my new girlfriend, which is originally from Husi, did not have so much interest in what I have (or not), but more in who I am and how I treat and respect her with love...For example "I fell in love with you" can only be translated by "M-am îndrăgostit de tine". I never met someone like her with sincere intentions... and that is what I have been missing all the time in my life...

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