Sag woman dating a virgo man

It does not sound as if this man has a goal in common with yours so yeah.

If you are looking for a live in relationship, I think you’d do best to move on.

Dear Sagittarian, It sounds to me as if he is telling you what is in his head but in a passive aggressive way that is not your preference.

You have Saturn conjunct your Sun which indicates your serious nature and your desire to plan towards a goal.

Virgo is an Earth Sign and Sagittarius is a Fire Sign.

Sagittarius wants freedom, while Virgo needs financial strength and domestic stability.

Virgo and Sagittarius have unique approaches to life; Virgo is more practical and less distracted, while Sagittarius is the energetic explorer.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury and Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter.although the lingering feeling is there, when were together I have so much fun. I'm a Virgo woman dating a sag for 1.6yrs now..everything is fine between flirtatious in nature. I deserve better ...proposed to me 2 times but I refused though I'm scared to be in a relationship.. He's very sweet, charming, romantic, thoughtful and a great Dad as well as the same friend I've known all these years. We dated for a little bit, but I believe I said something that offended. Sex is amazing, relationship is very communicative. I'm sure our sun signs play a role as her sun is in Leo. WOW many ups and downs and the true definition of an emotional roller coaster.but whenever I supposed to go out from his life...says not to leave him. coz Virgo sag is not at all compatible..should I do? im a Virgo girl that married a male sag after a 2 year living together relationship and yes he has put me through a lot of bad stuff as well as good, I love him to death. and when they want to be loyal they will but they easily cheat since they are a walking flame and very friendly. Since then, when he sees my sister he ask about me, and tells her he misses me. I know how I am, I've read about sag, I think I can handle it. I want him really bad, but I'm scared to talk to him because of rejection. I think we'll be together for a long time and btw, I was married to a Virgo for 21 years before. At the end of the day we are loyal and honest to each other and that is key. In my experience as a sag male, I have learned that I must always communicate and understand the Virgo female. The way he goes about things is almost foreign to me and I don't understand. But until then, he has given me unforgettable times, huge moments, and big angers and depressions as well. But I am honestly scared that if I continue to gain feelings for him, I will get hurt in the long run. I am a Virgo woman dating a Sagittarius for 8 years now, and I can say that since three years, we finally get each other really well.

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