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What other show could do a whole episode of waiting for a table in a Chinese restaurant and not get boring?

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Barney Martin and Liz Sheridan continue to play Jerry’s parents hilariously in every situation.The idea was that the show was on the brink of cancellation anyway, so screw it, Jerry and Elaine get back together and that’s the end of the show.But then it was renewed for a third season, Jerry and Elaine were quickly broken up again, and the show really found its feet.As we’d come to see from countless classic episodes, the Jerry character works best when everything goes well for him and he’s surrounded by miserable friends who fail at everything, while the George character works best when he can’t do anything right and continually gets screwed over in his attempts at happiness.When Jerry loses money on the stock tip and George sees a flood of return on his investment come into his bank account, it brings out the worst in each character.

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