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She said Freddie quit smoking, but needed oxygen apparatus to help him breathe. Granted, they're rich, famous, adored by millions and have a life that the rest of us can only dream of, but they're still people that can have their feelings hurt with cruel words. They prefer to go on national TV and absolutely destroy their haters!With the increase in private satcasters such as Dream, Al Mehwar and Rotana leading to greater competition for racy content to attract local auds, the Sarhan episode could become a test case for what is and isn’t acceptable fare.Al Mehwar recently launched its own provocative chatshow, “The Big Talk” fronted by Heba Kotb, which offers auds advice on all matters sexual.Speaking about the fall from grace, Jim added: “I’ve been out there a few times and people have told me, ‘We see your mate Freddie Starr singing cabaret in the karaoke bars’.“It was a sad way to end a career for someone who I thought was Britain’s greatest entertainer.” Freddie was arrested four times between 20 under Operation Yewtree — the investigation into allegations of historic sex abuse against celebrities including Jimmy Savile.While Sarhan has denied the charges against her, execs at Rotana are staying tight-lipped. There are conflicting reports from Egypt and we’d rather not say anything other than Dr.Sarhan has our 100% support,” says Rotana spokesman Abdullatif Chalabi.

I hope his legacy is not smalled down and he’s remembered with a smile.” Singer and chatshow host Des O’Connor said: “At his best, Freddie was borderline genius.

“First, there’s the question of whether it’s ethical to pay someone to say something on TV. Third, there’s the increasing competition between the private TV channels in Egypt, which is fueling this scandal.

And finally, it seems as if the government is stepping in to reassert its control about what kind of subjects can be talked about on TV.” Prostitution, and sexuality in general, remains a sensitive subject in Egypt.

Sarhan was scheduled to explain all on Lebanese satcaster LBCi, co-owned by bin Talal, before canceling at the last minute on the advice of her lawyers.

“This is a big deal in Egypt,” says LBC chief exec Pierre Daher.

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