Shroud of turin dating 2016

In 1389, Bishop Pierre d’Arcis claimed, in a letter to the Anti-Pope Clement VII, that a painter had confessed to creating the Shroud.Pierre claimed that his predecessor, Bishop Henri de Poitiers of Troyes, conducted an inquest in which an un-named artist confessed to the painting.The dorsal image shows what look like dumbbell-shaped images that are indicative of a whipping.There is a blood stain on the side of the victim that indicates a puncture wound of some sort.There is no evidence of such an inquest in documents of the time.Pierre stated that Henri had the Shroud removed from the church because it was a fake, yet other documents dispute this.The front and back views meet nearly at the middle of the cloth with of the figure.

There are numerous blood stains on the cloth: on the wrists, feet, and head.He was sufficiently well thought of to be entrusted with the French (the French battle standard) during battle.There were questions raised at the time about its authenticity.The Shroud of Turin has a known chain of custody from then to the present.Geoffrey de Charny was a French knight in the service of King John II of France.

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