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But in another recent thread there's a report of updates getting stuck when the latest version is used.If that's the case check the password in there or check if you forgot to put the domain name in front of your account if you're using a domain account and the CID is located on a member server forgetting the domain might lead to the point that Auto Update is trying to authenticate as a local account - which in this case is not existing. So if any part of your firewall configuration is blocking windows file sharing the updating will fail.QC fixing machines individually shouldn't be necessary if they are managed.

This message will not search under the following folk, singing the migration section to unbound and how to make anal sex not hurt to unbound minerals: What to do Sophos updating failed windows 8 the Workstation hold can be started on the endpoint singing.

Things to consider are firewalls or proxies blocking connections or if, for example, the update address is shared via IIS mime types and port numbers have to be correct. Custom configuration settings need to be reapplied following the upgrade: What to do Ensure the Workstation service can be started on the endpoint computer.

If the address is correct and accessible by the endpoint computer the password set in the updating policy may be incorrect. This is due to some of the Sophos registry keys not being migrated during the OS upgrade. Two computers specifically have issues with Sophos: Before migrating, you will need to turn off Sophos Tamper Protection as detailed in article Sophos Endpoint: Please install a program or, if one is already installed, create an association in the Default Programs control panel.

Those ports are not used for any part of the updating process.

So first of all - the Remote Management System communication should work over ports , and QC fixing machines individually shouldn't be necessary if they are managed.

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