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Despite his short career in politics, Milk became an icon in San Francisco and a martyr in the gay community.

To make a point to Mc Kinley, Milk took him to the hospital where Milk's ex-lover, Joe Campbell, was himself recuperating from a suicide attempt, after his lover Billy Sipple left him.He imagined a righteous world inside his head and then he set about to create it for real, for all of us." As a child, Harvey was teased for his protruding ears, big nose, and oversized feet, and tended to grab attention as a class clown.While he was in school, he played football and developed a passion for opera.Mc Kinley was offered a job in the New York City production of Jesus Christ Superstar, and their tempestuous relationship came to an end. Milk drifted from California to Texas to New York, without a steady job or plan.The city appealed to Milk so much that he decided to stay, working at an investment firm. In New York City he became involved with O'Horgan's theater company as a "general aide", signing on as associate producer for Lenny and for Eve Merriam's Inner City.

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