Teen views on teen dating

So, what do you do if you think your daughter might already be in a difficult relationship? As I am sure you know, teenagers are sensitive, and they especially do not like to be seen has having made a wrong decision.Teen dating violence threatens, humiliates, belittles, isolates, and strips them of their dignity.The average age of girls killed was 17, while their partners were, on average, 21.The fact that teenagers are grappling with intimate partner violence might be surprising, but it’s actually incredibly common. “That translates to a huge number of adolescents,” said Adhia, a researcher at the University of Washington School of Medicine.

Now it appears that this type of violence is also affecting adolescent girls.Dating violence among teenagers has the potential to lead to death, she went on, and girls are at the highest risk.Breakups or jealousy precipitated more than a quarter of the homicides, researchers found, and a majority of the deaths involved guns (which are also a major factor in the number of adult women killed by their partners).It chips away at their self-esteem, shames and makes them feel guilty, many times in secrecy and darkness – all of these things that would be hard for adults to feel and process.So imagine the trauma that is created inside of a teenager.

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