Top reasons for invalidating oos results

It’s decisions like these that characterize the success of the fun in a Simonitch design.

Whether it’s The Caucasus Campaign, France ’40, Ukraine ’43, Normandy ’44, or Ardennes ’44 you know that the tension in the history and design will remain because of these core principles that help characterize this ruleset.

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So, does the game model the fragility and scale of the airborne landings?

In terms of ensuring a successful reinforcement landing in turn 3, it’s important to hold out near the drop zones or the allied player is likely to suffer S-1 or even the dreaded S-2 drop results meaning scatted with one or two step reductions.

Speaking of step reductions, one of the great bits of chrome for airborne landings in the game is the ability of the airborne units to earn replacement steps based on their drop losses.

Operation Market Garden is a well covered wargaming topic.

Others that rank higher include Bulge, Gettysburg, Normandy, Stalingrad, and Waterloo.

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