Updating linked database c

Good day folks, My shop has just moved to 11g R2 client and server.We were previously using 11g R1 with no issues (and before that, 10, 9, 8, etc).

So, I switched the Oracle ODBC driver (sqora32version with version, and the problem went away.

Instead of having to return to each document later to change your last name, just put a link to a different document, and then when you update your last name there, your name will change in all the other documents!

As you can see, it's a simple way to replace text across multiple Word documents at once.

Problem Background: I have a Powershell script that I can execute from my Microsoft Access Form that scans through file folders that contain information on different facilities, and produces a CSV that looks something like: Site Code Facility Number Document Type Hyperlink Path DKFZ 10 DD1400 C:\FACILITIES DATABASE\path DKFZ 10 FLRPLN C:\FACILITIES DATABASE\path SMQL 17 P1 C:\FACILITIES DATABASE\path SMQL 17 P2 C:\FACILITIES DATABASE\path All I need now is to take that CSV file and update (or even overwrite) a Table that I have in an Access database, which has relationships to other tables and is used by various Queries and Forms in the database. Open "SELECT * FROM [test.txt]", conn, ad Open Static, ad Lock Read Only, ad Cmd Text While Not rs. (Note that the code is quite long, developed for a project several years ago, and not extensively tested.

The CSV columns are already named and formatted in the same way as the Access Table. If a field name/type is not exactly like how it was before the import, the restore of the backup might fail and the relations will be permanently lost). You can replace the tables if you must - and you are already down this path. That table relationship feature is useful - but not mandatory.

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