Updating real player

An executable, this process stores and retrieves video and audio files from cloud storage.If minimized, it continues to run as a background process and can be reopened through the Windows System Tray.To verify the problem is caused by out of date links, play sample clips from the Real Networks sample page: If the links from this site play correctly, Real One Player is not the cause of the error you are receiving from the other site.The links at the other site are either written incorrectly or need to be updated.It is not a virus/adware/malware, but after playing Counter Strike: Source for about an hour it uses up between 1GB to 1.5GB of memory out of my 2GB total physical memory, which causes my system to be non-functional. My Quad core processor is sitting at 25% all the time because of this.Try updating Real Player to the most recent version.

If your Internet Service Provider (America Online, Earthlink, or others) uses custom software to connect to the Internet, updating that software may resolve these issues.To try to solve this, increase your time-out settings inside Real One Player and try playing the clip again or play the clip when the network or Internet isn't so busy.To increase the time-out settings, do the following: Try to access the clip again.Connection errors that occur at all sites on a recurring basis may indicate a problem with Real One Player or your Internet connection.You may need to reconfigure Real One Player or your Internet Service Provider's (ISP) connection software to allow Real Player to connect.

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