Validating emotion regulation

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The Emotion Regulation Questionnaire (ERQ) is a 10-item self-report scale designed to assess habitual use of two commonly used strategies to alter emotion: cognitive reappraisal and expressive suppression.

The first stage of validation requires a measure to be Identified within the field; there must be theoretical support for the specific measure of the proposed mechanistic target or potential mechanism of behavior change.

Clients are encouraged to accept that they will undoubtedly experience negative emotions in their life, no matter how happy or well-balanced they may be.

Participants respond to each item using a 7-point Likert scale ranging from 1 (strongly disagree) to 7 (strongly agree).

Cognitive reappraisal involves thinking differently about a situation in order to change its meaning in order to alter one’s emotional experience.

Once a measure has gone through these three stages, it will then either be Validated or Not validated according to SOBC Research Network standards.

If a measure is Validated, then change in the measured target was reliably associated with Behavior Change.

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