Validating xml sax

The Open Source parsers are invariably non-validating.

This table provides an alphabetical quick reference to the results of the analysis for non-validating processors: This processor is uniquely light weight; at about 33 KBytes of JAR file size (compressed, and including the SAX interfaces), it was designed for downloading in applets and explicitly traded off conformance for size.

For example, characters are rarely checked for being in the right ranges, saving code in several locations both to make those checks and to report the associated errors.

This processor rejects a certain number of documents it shouldn't, and isn't clear about why it did so.(Were there not the example of the XML spec itself, and feedback from the XML editors on this issue, it would seem that this processor was in compliance.) Character references that would expand to Unicode surrogate pairs are inappropriately rejected.Nobody has any real reason to use such pairs yet, so in practice this isn't a problem.almost three hundred were caused by this error alone.(Few other parsers had that many failures at all; none had as many "false passes".) The exception is a Many of the documents which this processor accepted were documents which contained illegal XML characters, and so they should have caused fatal errors to be reported.

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