Vanessa carlton dating caught boyfriend trolling dating sites

Mayer went on to date pretty much every hot new actress and singer under the sun and Carlton is now happily married with a newborn baby, so things turned out for the best for everyone.

Vanessa Lee Carlton is an American singer-songwriter. Vanessa started recording her album, which was initially unsuccessful.

Reports claim that Vanessa was pressuring him to get married, but Zac is not ready for marriage.

Supposedly, she was expecting an engagement proposal for her birthday or New Years 2011.

Carlton hasn’t made an appearance in a theatrical film yet. Vanessa is the first of three children of her parents.

Her debut album, Be Not Nobody, accompanied and earned platinum certification in the United States.Her first album, Be Not Nobody, was recorded in 2002.Vanessa has been nominated for three Grammy Awards, among other prestigious awards.Remember that time he dated Jessica Simpson and said those really TMI comments about their love life? Back in 2001, John Mayer released his first album, Room for Squares, and his singles were blowing up on the charts.Naturally, he took this opportunity to start shmoozing with some fellow artists and Hollywood ladies.

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