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For starters, Ross Gellar is really a pretty terrible human being.

Not only does he argue against the plausibility of a real-life Jurassic Park, he’s also that one friend we all have: the guy who is always engaged, again. They also have a child together, and that should definitely be taken into consideration. If he wasn’t the prime example of fatherhood material, and someone who could step into the role of adoptive father, then who is?

Actually she didn't want to live with Joey initially because he would gross her out with his ' Naked Wednesdays/Thursdays' idea : P ..But before we begin, a disclaimer: We didn’t include newspapers, magazines, or any books that are hanging out in the background at Central Perk.We’re talking strictly about books that the characters really read in an episode.What if, instead, Joey and Rachel had ended up together?Well, tweeter @kaneandgriffin makes that argument, and her points are not just compelling, they’re convincing.

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