What is craigs safe dating

Craig is single, it seems, and right now, that's what's right for him.

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When you enter your credit card, it is used for a trial period for the sites above.The woman who appears the most often in Craig's pictures is his co-star Cameran, and she's married with a child — so we know that these two are not together. And that's OK, because Craig is a little busy with his new company. In a statement to Bravo, Craig said, "I want to build a platform and a cool brand for us.Sewing isn’t just something for grandmothers — I mean, they’re great at it! And that's saying something, considering that Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel broke up not once but twice. (Oh, honey.) Now, either Craig is lying about telling everyone he's completely over Naomie or he's only over her when he's sober. But now that Craig and Naomie seem to have officially buried the hatchet, Naomie has moved on, dating her super-hot doctor boyfriend Metul Shah. The , Craig and Naomie finally had a discussion about their long-over relationship — simply because Craig insisted that Naomie couldn't possibly be as happy with Metul as she was when they were together.

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