What to expect after dating for two months

After four months, 29% of people will share the first photo of themselves and their partner online.

The ‘I love you’ stage tends to happen shortly after.

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Men tend to move quicker than women, with 72% waiting less than a year to date again compared to 63% of women.Fancy seeing a reassuring roadmap for your relationship? It’s not at all unsettling that our relationships all follow the same basic pattern, likely determined for us by our early childhood experiences. Dating website e Harmony surveyed more than 1,000 people from Australia to find out the stages each major relationship goes through and when they happen – from the first time couples have sex to how long it takes to move on after a breakup.It’s nice to know that relationships are, in essence, pretty predictable. First there’s the spark phase – when you realise you fancy each other and actually go on a date.In the initial months, you’re most likely to show interest both physically and emotionally, so with this question, evaluate what you have uncovered about your guy.While opposites certainly can attract, you want some similarities for the long haul — particularly in the values department.

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