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On the other hand, if you have parents who are involved in your life, but also give you the freedom to meet and date Christian guys, you’ll want to maintain that trust.

This was the case in my own relationships (both before I met my husband and after).

There comes a point in every relationship when both guy and girl need to “meet the family”—one of the most intimidating dates you’ll ever experience!

Whatever your relationship with your parents, inviting your boyfriend (or boyfriend-to-be) to meet them is not just a big step, it’s essential to healthy relationships.

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In our expert opinion, a Lightsaber battle in the middle of Target is the most optimal test.You can be with a person for months, but at the end, both of you know the relationship probably won’t survive a year.Relationships like these are definitely not the ones you want to show to your parents.This was one of the best decisions I made in my relationships.Whatever your family situation, your relationship with your parents affects your relationship with your boyfriend, and vice versa.

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