When women pull away in dating

Giving a woman space and allowing her time to miss you is crucial in the attraction building process. If a woman sees you all day everyday, not only will you have nothing new to talk about, but the attraction will quickly die in the relationship.Women know this and, believe it or not, they actually want time to miss you.Pulling away from a man and going cold for no apparent reason is a great way for a girl to find out if the man is strong and secure or weak and needy.If a man suddenly starts getting insecure and chasing a woman like crazy, then a woman is much more likely to categorize that man as being over invested in her and therefore more unattractive.As hard as it is to hear this, it happens all the time Unless you’re escalating things properly with a woman, especially before you’ve had sex with her, she’s going to lose attraction for you at some point.

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Therefore, her pulling away from you is simply a way for her to keep you interested in her and to maintain her interest in you.

As humans most of us know that being clingy and needy is unattractive and women are even more in tune with this feeling than men.

She’s testing you: there isn’t a man alive who hasn’t at some point been tested by a woman.

If you fail to be bold and take your opportunities, it’s only a matter of time before someone else moves in and steals your girlfriend away from you.

It’s been scientifically proven that women are more attracted to men who are bold and selfish compared to men who appear to be nice and kind .

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