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Instead, they feel their appearance would in fact serve as a joyful meeting place that could unite those who are opposed to the bill.

“If Sara and I chose not to play the Orange Peel, it would make zero impact.

Inner homophobia is way worse than what you experience on the outside. When we were younger it was more about gender than sexuality.

We were tomboys, hanging around boys, but we weren’t boy crazy like our girlfriends.

“Dying to Know” is the fruit of two separate songs the pair was writing separately.

Gay artist/musician Seth Bogart, of Hunx & His Punx, directed the colorful, part-animated “U-Turn,” while actress-turned-director Clea Du Vall helmed the humorous, quirky “Boyfriend” clip (Sara composed the score for Du Vall’s directorial debut, “We’re putting our money where our mouth is,” Tegan explains, “because it feels like in the past we had been like, ‘Diversity!“Our girlfriends are very different,” Tegan laughs, “and we always dated very different people. ’ And I think Sara’s partner is wonderful—she’s a total babe and so smart and so ambitious and hilarious. No photos of us with you.’ It’s not that fun, honestly.I lucked out; it’s a family joke that Sara came out first. My perspective was different because I thought everybody knew I was gay.It’s sort of what we did when we toured countries in Central Europe and Asia that have really f–ked-up [anti-LGBT] laws, and that is try to bring hope, be a meeting place, and say your fighting is worth it.Everything that’s happening now—all the major boycotts like Springsteen’s—are important, but as gay artists we’re going to go there and reward the people of North Carolina. Things are changing, and this is just a bunch of old, f–ked-up people acting as if they are protecting [people who don’t] need protection.

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