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Born in 1981, at the dawn of the turbulent era signaled by the twin omens of Bob Marley’s passing and Ronald Reagan’s election, Collie was immersed in the sound system culture of Bermuda aka “The Rock” since the age of 6.“I used to come home from primary school and my brother would always be on the turntables, playin his new 45’s an’ I’d just be there vibesin’.” The evolution of dancehall and sound-clash culture into a movement of it’s own in the late 80s and early 90s set the backdrop for young Collie’s discovery of his own sonic identity, and the dancehall kings of that generation – Buju Banton, Bounty Killer and Beenie Man served as his primary influences.“Nowadays when I go to put on a CD, its old tune: Alton Ellis, The Meditations, The Heptones, Skatalites, Jacob Miller, Eric Monty Morris; love the rockers music.From that I start to teach myself some of the history of this music, that’s where I started to come a little more versatile with the singin’…the foundation just straight reality, yunno.Most strikingly on tunes like “My Everything” he finds both the drive of dancehall and the bluesy edge of roots in a frenetic polyrhythm built around the Latin horns of David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance,” an up-tempo track that could be just as home in a Trinidad carnival as a UK discothèque.

Instead of pulling the song apart, the warring elements are all somehow essential to a larger vision reflected in his lyrics: “Feel like me cyan move an’ trap in a cage / still searchin’ for the words to put ‘pon the page…” It’s that discovery of timeless roots even within the sweatiest dancehall track that marks the culmination of Collie’s growth.India Point Park - Providence It quickly became clear upon arrival that this concert was an after thought to profit off of the Oktoberfest set up that would already be in place. With low numbers in the crowd, Collie Buddz only played from -, not even lasting through 10 PM. Seacrets - Ocean City This was my 14th Collie show-my 3rd show at Seacrets.They called it quits abruptly without as much as an encore and played a handful of covers to make it that long... Awesome venue-intimate with great acoustics, neat atmosphere. He puts on a fantastic show, playing old favorites and new songs in his set.Although born in New Orleans, Louisiana, his mother was born in a small Jamaican village and he was raised in Bermuda, where his father was born.He studied audio engineering with Noah Zamudio at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida.

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