Who is david geffen dating

Geffen expresses his frustration with WMA and says he wants to start managing musicians.

Binder puts on a Laura Nyro album and suggests her as Geffen’s first client.

” The draft board classifies him as “physically or mentally unable to serve.” Jerry Brandt tells Geffen that the music department at WMA is the place for a young agent to make a name for himself.

This very astute advice changes Geffen’s path–from movies to music. Geffen gets Elliot Roberts a job at Chartoff-Winkler, a company that predominately manages comedians.

(p40) 1963 Geffen works as an usher at CBS Television City. To Geffen’s disgust, Linkletter tries to carry on with the show and when a man a cheers inappropriately, Geffen lunges at the man and is fired immediately.

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He checks “yes” to the question, “Do you have any homosexual tendencies?

Predicted to one day run for president in his senior yearbook. Geffen moves in with Mitchell and gets a job with Remington Rand Univac in their keypunch service bureau. 1961 Batya, completely worn out from working fulltime and tending to her dying husband in the hospital, demands Geffen returns to Brooklyn. March 21st — Abe dies at The Kings County Hospital. But before he can even get through one term, he has dropped out and flown back to LA.

They train him to program the Univac 120, an accounting machine. After his father’s death, the government sends Geffen a social security death benefits check. Worried that his mother might not hand over the money, Geffen steals the check and eventually uses a good portion of it to get himself to LA. 1962 Mitchell’s new wife’s sister marries Phil Spector.

Roberts clearly has no idea what he’s doing and within a month all of his clients hire new managers. Marrie tells Roberts to go see her friend Joni Mitchell play at Café Wha?

He goes on tour with Mitchell the very next day and very quickly becomes her fulltime manager. Roberts, Mitchell and David Crosby fly out to California to record Mitchell’s first album.

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