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While they are in the apartment, it is Lees task to unlatch the window near the fire escape.

The following day, Lee asks Julianna out on a date but she has to meet with somebody about an upcoming project.Chris denies that hes dating her, stating that he would "never date my best friends ex," and Lee is touched. Now they need a way to get in, so Lee asks Chris to give him a key. Lee reminds him about the "best friends" thing, but Chris still says no. He tells Chris he wants to see his acting reel so he can get some pointers. Chris is hysterically arrogant and pompous about his acting reel and talent.He really hams it up to the delight of the audience.Lee and Dean agree Brando is the best but Chris says no and starts dissing Brando's movies, including "The Godfather," saying that most of the scenes in it are implausible, especially the scene where the mobsters put a horse's head in movie mogul's bed. Terry agrees to direct and film the revenge movie, and we later found out that Terry was in fact recording the entire time. Then Dean utters a line that he repeats several times throughout: "Lee, youre really sweet.Chris insists that there's no way this could be done. Sweet and nave." And Lee just looks up at him so clueless and adorable. Tom was apparently supposed to narrate, so he got Eamonn Walker to fill in and he was HILARIOUS.

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    Jones attended Stivers School of Arts in Dayton, and from there she majored in theater and dance.