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She has been in five celebrity relationships averaging approximately 2.6 years each.

The first woman to claim she was David Beckham's mistress said last night she still adores him. I mean he is not my type of guy, I never go for looks or image type people, so it took a while before that attraction built."When I first met him it was the David Beckham we all see - the gold chains, the watches, all that."Miss Loos said she had been working in sports PR on the tennis circuit for four years with the company SFX but was pleased to get the transfer to Madrid to look after the Beckhams."I was delighted. I was over the moon."On Beckham The player was lonely, she said, and missing his family.

Jenny Shimizu was previously married to Rebecca Loos (2005 – 2007).

Jenny Shimizu has been in relationships with Ione Skye (1999), Angelina Jolie (1994 – 2000) and Madonna (1993). We are currently in process of looking up information on the previous dates and hookups.

Rebecca’s biography on her website eloquently explains this harrowing time period: Rebecca was seduced by her boss and simply felt guilty and used after months of this wrong relationship.

When being approached with the idea of doing a news paper interview and stirring things up a bit she took the very brave decision to go for it. “I was numb and empty, and doing an interview breaking all rules at least made me feel something. Now, I don’t consider any of this “crazy,” but the British tabloids ate it up and it helped to perpetuate her “crazy, single woman” image.

So in tribute her former life, I want to share some Rebecca Loos crazy single-woman highlights.

In 2003, Rebecca Loos exploded onto the tabloid scene when she alleged that she and David Beckham had an affair.

Loos and the father of the baby — her long-term boyfriend who is not a famous soccer player but instead a successful but relatively unknown Norwegian doctor — will move to Madrid to raise their child.In 2004, she shocked the British public by masturbating a pig — yes, masturbating a pig — on Channel 5’s reality TV show , in which she staged a Sapphic wedding with out model Jenny Shimizu.The wedding was a protest against the ban on gay marriage but it had the added bonus of being “crazy” because Rebecca and Jenny barely even knew each other.In her first TV interview, with Sky TV's Kay Burley, Rebecca Loos claimed they were having 'text sex' as recently as two weeks ago. First Impressions"The first time I met him was at the private airport where him and Victoria flew in on a private jet. It was an official presentation for Real Madrid."I was waiting on the runway. "He wouldn't say, "I'm so lonely" but you don't, it's just something you can tell in a person. We think the same way, made the same jokes, had some kind of connection."He treated me in a special way. I began to feel very special."On Victoria Asked if Beckham missed his wife, Miss Loos replied: "I'm not answering that question."I heard the phone conversations and you see what's going on around. If the boys were here they'd love this.""There was an obvious attraction. I think so yes."On Victoria's attitude towards her, she said: "I don't expect any sympathy from her at all.

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