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“They’ve progressed a little bit quicker than I have.i live in houston where there are a lot of nigerians and they seem to be doing allot better than the african americans that we have 70% of african americans have some nigerian ancestry. U live in Houston and i have a business in China, travel to London, Geneva, Brussels,and Burundi every yr for business. I will not deny that during college I dated a few, but too much street smarts can get tireding after a while.So ive by far had my share of them and thats why i have spoken. I grew out of that phase real quick, and I do thank god for that.Business suit, well pronunced man is what society say is acceptable bt they are the main ones misusing woman! No I don’t like to hear about folks gettin robbed, shot, killed, doped up and fucked all the time, but I do know how to appreciate hip hop with real lyrics and a real message. He's actually very respectful, very intelligent and love what he does. C swag puts our go-go bands on and didn't forget where he came from. I just LOVE him, being a individual and having his owne style and love for the art. I just wanted to let him and his fans and SOON TO BE FANS, we LOVE WALE! Ithink solange can do better when it comes to finding a man with a secure and respectful career.BTW NO CAREER IS SECURE: ASK ANY STOCKBROKER OR FORTUNE 500 CEO. IM A BLACK MERCHANDISER IN CHINA AND THE WAY THESE NIGERIANS SWINDLE, USE, RAPE, KILL EACH OTHER IS OUTRAGEOUS! You don’t need to sing me a love song for me to cop your album… It took a guy I previously dated to introduce me to real hip hop, not rap, and the wonderful world of creativity it opens up. I get so happy that he LOVES the city that he is from and he actually is a very intelligent dude. I swear everyone in the ghetto thinks music and sports is there only way out.

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