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It isn't until after Ewald orders a few more complicated maneuvers that Laval realizes that his notes are upside down.

The eagle elder corrects his mistake and orders a smooth landing, but due to her spinning out of control, Eris crashes the jet and fails the test.

He leaves and Crawley and Crug fall into the swamp.

As Laval looks into the gorge, he vows to find a way to help Cragger.As Eris jumps into the cockpit, Laval wishes her good luck while Ewald's papers fall off the clipboard and he quickly grabs them as she takes off.His first command is an "inverted barrel claw streak" which sends Eris spiraling out of control.The Legends of Chima Mini-Movies are a series of 2 minute long videos released periodically to The mini-movies serve as fillers for the TV series and offer more insight into the minor character's actions.

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