Women dating in taiwan

To me, topics of kids is for people who do not know each other well NO topic.Seems there is some unwritten rule that girl and boy are supposed to meet every day during the first month of going out. I wonder whether my standars are too “European” or just too demanding.Taiwan has had love marriage – real love marriage, with dating and all that – for a lot less time than the USA has had it.Love marriages of course happened, but I’m talking about a prevalent culture in which love marriage with all the requisite dating and decisions is the norm, rather than one, somewhat frowned upon option in a sea of others from parent match-ups to matchmakers to business arrangements.I am aware that parents around here tend to push their kinds to make family early. The question is what is the best timing to bring up the topic.Maybe I am fearful girl, but if the boy starts to talk about kinds after we just met, it really scares me.

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It sounds like the men you dated went in to it with the expectation of you being a serious girlfriend with a view to marriage.

In the USA we went through a period where love marriage became expected, but people didn’t know how to deal with it, and you got a lot of those gender-role expectations that you write about above (women waiting for men to solve problems, men assuming automatic authority, assumptions about time together, marriage, kids and family dynamics that have everything to do with gender expectations and not the individuals involved).

Then we got over it, feminism happened, and fortunately we’re generally better off (some will disagree – they’re wrong IMHO).

The moment the jealousy won over the respect to me, I knew it is time. There are 1 billion in China and 23 million people in Taiwan. I hope you don’t generate an impression against the local guys already.

Of course there are cultural differences and you are the one to decide how much of that you can take /adjust to it.

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